The Amazing Meeting 6 Details

The James Randi Educational Foundation holds what can only be described as a ‘giant skeptical convention’ every year in Las Vegas. That doesn’t mean it’s a skeptical convention for giants, it means that a lot of people show up for talks by really smart and interesting people. Hit ‘Read More’ for details.

Click here for the details, and order forms!

Turns out that this year includes (but not limited to) [[Neil DeGrasse Tyson]], Richard Wiseman, Steven Novella, Christopher Hitchens, Penn & Teller, Adam Savage, PZ Myers, Matthew Chapman, Michael Shermer, and of course, the Amazing James Randi himself. Check out the official website to see all the guests.

It might seem a bit pricey for the ticket, but remember that most people lose more than that on the slots machines there.

And because we at Ottawa Skeptics are so hyped up by the prospects of TAM 6, we’ll have something prepared to differentiate us at the event. If you have any suggestions, or would like to double book hotel rooms to save some cash, then click the ‘discuss this in the forum’ link below.

05. February 2008 by Jon
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