Evolution and Creationism … and Canadian Hockey

When you think about it, the hockey venue does seem apt.  Evolution and creationism squaring off and dropping gloves.  Creationism getting called for slashing, tripping [up] and committing other misconducts.

Last Sunday, the CBC Radio show, Definitely Not the Opera, featured an mp3 file

“>interview with George Fosty, who wrote Black Ice: The Lost History of the Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes.  The book describes the development and impact of the League during its life from 1895-1925.

In the interview, George pointed out that the League is unknown to most Canadians and missing from the official history of hockey, as are the contributions of the Mi’kmaq, French Canadian and Irish hockey traditions of the 1800s, perhaps deliberately so.

When asked by host, Nick Purdon, why these histories might be missing, George replied:

You’ve got two schools of thought in hockey today.  You’ve got the creationists and evolutionists.  The creationists believe that hockey started on March 3rd 1875, and that God came down and gave these guys hockey sticks.  He just showed up in a French Canadian arena, and he taught the French Canadians and Irish how to play hockey.  Well, I don’t think that’s right; I think that’s some type of propaganda.

Then you’ve got the evolutionists, who believe that hockey, like history and like other sports, evolved over time with outside influences, outside developments.  You just have to look at the newspaper over the last few years with the NHL.  They’re constantly evolving their game.  Early hockey was the same way.  There were innovations all along.  Every winter when the snows fell, somebody came out and played a little different, brought something else to the game.  If hockey is an evolution, which we believe it is, what groups helped make it an evolution, what groups brought hockey to its present form?

This is a nice analogy to describe, not only a evolution-like development process similar to natural selection, but a creationism-like strategy of imposing a founding myth and ideological perspective through the censoring of facts and altering of history.

12. February 2008 by barry
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