Jenny McCarthy Spreads Anti-Vaccination Nonsense on The Hour

I used to be a fan. I want to like George but George Stroumboulopoulos and the CBC’s The Hour have been on a downward spiral for some time. The show does absolutely nothing with controversial guests but lob them soft ball questions and allow them to rant and rave as well as lending them credibilty. From Deepak Chopra to Adam DreamHealer and now finally Jenny McCarthy.

Ms. McCarthy was on this evening to promote her book and to take unfounded and unscientific pot shots at vaccination and modern medicine in general. As Ms. McCarthy ranted, Mr. Stroumboulopoulos could only think of giggles and squirms as a pretty lady sat in front of him and spread dangerous mis-information about critical life saving medicine. None of her claims were questions. His journalistic integrity only required him to mention that her claims were controversial (rather than denounced and decried) and that the medical community might be upset with her. He felt no need to mention the danger of not getting one’s child vaccinated or the complete lack of any scientific evidence for dietary Autism cures. It was the kind of “journalism” one expects form Oprah. This was a painful to watch.

I hope that the Hour and Mr. Stroumboulopoulos have a follow up with some real medical professionals that are experts on the causes and treatments of Autism to clear up some of the fallacies they have beamed into Canadian homes.

19. March 2008 by Halden
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