The Skeptologists Need Your Help

There’s a new TV show pilot that has been filmed starring ‘skeptical greats’ like Michael Shermer, Phil Plait, and Steven Novella. All they need now is a station to pick up the show.

The show sounds like a grown-up version of the Mystery Hunters. There’s no better way to spread skepticism and the respect for science than through a successful TV show. Shows like Mythbusters and ‘Bullshit!‘ have had a huge effect on people’s skepticism, and have proven that there’s a big market for quality and scientifically honest TV programming.

Visit the show’s homepage, read about the show, and then send an email to show some support.

Also, if you’re on facebook, then become a ‘fan’ here. If you’re on digg, then digg them here.

09. April 2008 by Jon
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