It Is Unbelievable What a Tub of Soil Can Do

As discussed on the forum, Jon and I attended the presentation on the EMF Balancer given by Peter Webb.  In more ways than one, the product, as well as the presentation, were quite unbelievable.
It is not my purpose to assert whether the product actually works or not.  I think that the EMF Balancer speaks for itself, at least to critical thinkers.  Instead, I will just reiterate the claims that Peter made, as far as I could understand them, at the presentation.  Where a claim sounded incredible, which was most of the time, I made sure to ask Peter to repeat it or explain it.  In fact, my questioning became so intrusive at times that it prompted seat-shifting amongst the 20 or so attendees.
But the presentation turned out not to be just about the EMF Balancer, but about Peter himself, who seems to be quite the Renaissance man as far as New Age discoveries go.  The things with which Peter says he has been involved are quite amazing, and I saved the best claims for last.  If anyone thinks that I have misrepresented what Peter said, then I suppose they can always contact him directly.  He did not seem reticent about explaining his theories and accomplishments at the presentation, although he does seem to have had some bad experiences with the government shutting down his ventures and stealing his patents, so he might question your motives. 

The Welcome

Jon and I were welcomed at the Shaklee business centre in the Market by Bill McBurney, the host and a natural health product distributor, and Steve Priebe, the local distributor for EMF Balancers.  I quite liked both of these guys.  They were genial, welcoming and eager to share with us their secrets to improved wellness.  I have absolutely no doubt that they genuinely believed in their products’ capabilities and were more motivated to help people improve their lives than to turn a profit.  (If you detect a note of sarcasm in the rest of the article, it does not apply here.  These were two genuinely nice, well-meaning people.)
In fact, although the meeting amounted to a sales opportunity for both Bill and Steve, neither of them was really prepared at the end of the night to sell anything.  This was a shame because Bill had teased us with VIVIX, an anti-aging formula that is “alive and raw” and ten times more powerful than anything on the market, and Steve was approached by audience members who wanted to take home some EMF Balancers even though he didn’t bring any to sell.
As Jon and I took our seats in the back row, we noticed that there was a large EMF Balancer on the floor behind us.  There were also a number of different types on the table in the front.  We were also told there was one installed by the electrical panel.  Those already familiar with EMF Balancers will already know that, in a house, you always install one at the electrical panel and then one at the furthest diagonal of the house.  Before we got started, all of the Balancers were turned on their sides (this turns them off), and Jon was asked to do the same with the one near us on the floor.
EMF Free Zones
Steve handed out literature and was keen to show us a placard that they want to start displaying at sites with EMF Balancers installed.  It declares the site an EMF Free Zone, and it has the picture of a high tension electricity tower with the universal NO symbol superimposed over it.  Steve indicated that the Swedes are way ahead of us with this initiative and that these zones will improve everyone’s health, especially those with “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” (ESH).
This seemed like a great opportunity to jump into the theory, so I asked if we would not be able to receive cell phone calls in the room or if you wouldn’t be able to receive television or radio signals in your house if Balancers were installed.  Well, this was the first but far from the last time I showed my general ignorance for this whole concept.  EMF Balancers do not block EMFs.  In fact, an EMF meter shows no difference in reading, we were told, whether the Balancers are operating or not.  Peter even tried to give us a demonstration with an EMF meter, but the demo got distracted when the room lights did not prove to be as EMF polluting as needed.
The pronouncement that EMF Balancers do not reduce or eliminate EMFs seemed to really concern one member of the audience who, I deduced, was seriously hoping to rid his home of EMFs.  He continued the line of questioning from me to confirm his disappointment and then asked why they called them EMF Free Zones in that case.  Peter responded, “What else are you going to call them?”  Good point.  One shouldn’t let facts get in the way of a good marketing slogan.
Geopathic Lines
I have to admit that I was way over my head when it came to the theory underlying these Balancers.  I will tell you what I understood from Peter’s talk, but I didn’t realize that my general science background was so wanting.  Apparently, the Earth is covered with geomagnetically induced lines that people in the audience variously called Ley lines, Hartmann lines or geopathic lines.  I like that last term because it infers a disease quality to the Earth geomagnetic field.  In any case, when I asked what geopathic lines were, the audience seemed to collectively roll their eyes as if to say that I was living in a fool’s paradise not knowing.
Apparently, geopathic lines run North-South and East-West, and at this latitude, Peter said that they are about four feet apart.  The problem with geopathic lines seems to be, according to Peter, that they act as a conduit to bring bad vibrations onto your property and they can be disturbing to be on top of.  Peter sells quite a few Balancers to farmers, and he declares that cattle get behavioural problems since they’re always trying to get off the geopathic lines.  (He also informed us that cattle can develop a charge standing on a geopathic line and so they end up peeing on one another to keep from grounding themselves with their urine stream and getting a shock in the vitals.)  Peter also said that every crack in the road pavement has a geopathic line running through it.
So what does this have to do with EMFs?  I’m not really sure, although I asked a few times for an explanation.  I got the impression that the theory is pretty adaptable.  Geopathic lines can’t draw EMFs into your house or else an EMF meter would detect the increase, which we were told did not happen.  The best I could understand is that everything has a resonant frequency, and if you live near bad things, like gas stations or high tension towers, then the resonant frequencies of those bad things will be conducted into your house by the geopathic lines.  I was indeed living in a fool’s paradise.  If only there was something to break up those lines.
EMF Balancers
One day, Peter was hiking in Wyoming and running his fingers through his hair.  After a while, he noticed his hair sticking up and realized that the Wyoming clay had special electrostatic properties.  That was the eureka moment for EMF Balancers.
Peter realized that, if you took a PVC tube, filled the bottom part with a layer of clay from Utah (which has negative ionic properties), the middle part with a combination of calcium carbonate and kelp, and the top part with a layer of clay from Wyoming (which has positive ionic properties), then the resulting figure-8 electromagnetic circuit would allow the device to disrupt geopathic lines.  Brilliant!  The best inventions are the ones that seem so obvious after the fact.
Now you can understand why EMF Balancers have to stand upright to operate.  If the top is up, then they are ON; if the top is down or if they are on their sides, then they are OFF.  But how do you know that this is true, especially when an EMF meter does not register any change between the device being on or off.  The answer, of course, is by dowsing.
Steve demonstrated.  Remember that the Balancers were all set on their sides at the beginning of the presentation, including the one behind Jon and me.  So naturally Steve’s dowsing rods were going haywire.  Steve asked Jon to turn the Balancer behind us up, which Jon got up to do.  Sure enough, Steve’s dowsing rods went still.  Steve then asked Jon to turn the Balancer on its side, which Jon did but then apologized for having previously turned the Balancer upside down by mistake. … No one batted an eye.  Jon and I exchanged glances of disbelief; then Jon shrugged his shoulders and sat down.  After the presentation, when Jon asked about this seeming contradiction in the theory, Steve told him that, despite what Peter had said, EMF Balancers still work a bit when they are upside down.
Besides breaking up geopathic lines, what else can EMF Balancers do?  Well, according to Peter:

  • They make the molecular structure of water bigger, which is healthier.
  • They prevent staph infections and MRSA.
  • They cause cows to produce more milk.
  • They make plants healthier because they mask the IR signal that plants give off due to sickness, which deters pests and allows farmers eliminate pesticide use.  (EMF Balancers are not just for the home and barn anymore.  Peter can now offer whole farm systems.  He even has bags of Soil Balancer that you can till into the soil.)
  • Farms never get hit by lightning after they have been installed.
  • In cars, they reduce friction in and increase oxygen to the engine.  (In fact, Peter has owned four cars that have each logged 500,000 kms with only oil and tire changes.  I was surprised to hear that he has driven two million kms.)

Programming EMF Balancers
I asked if the Balancers were tuned or restricted in the sympathetic frequencies with which they could operate.  Well, it turns out that Peter programs them.  In the old days, he used to have to pour the soil over different rock minerals, since each mineral has a different natural frequency, but he now has a way of programming the soil by machine.  He gives the Balancers wide-spectrum programming, but he improves them regularly.
That led me to ask if it was then better to get a later version of the Balancers or if people could get theirs upgraded.  Well, Peter was way ahead of me on that one.  You see, he programs all of them daily, free of charge.  And how does he do that?  By radionics, Peter said.
Again, excuse me if my general scientific ignorance is showing, but I had never heard of radionics, so I asked what it was.  My questions inspired a collective sigh from the audience.  I think they were embarrassed for me and knew that there was not enough time in the presentation to get me up to speed.  I just had to trust Peter on this one.  Radionics gives him the ability to program every EMF Balancer in the world, without having to know where they all are, on a daily business.  Apparently, the silica chips in the Balancers acts as a receiver.  I hadn’t heard about the silica chips until that point.
Have You Ever Been in an EMF Balanced Building
Jon and I have experienced the sanctity and serenity of sitting in a room devoid of geopathic intrusion … I guess.  If you want the same experience, Steve handed out a list of places where he says EMF Balancers have been installed in the National Capital Region.  I have no way in knowing if the list is accurate.  It includes a lot of CAM and wellness type places, but it also includes The Diver’s Warehouse, Tudor Hall Conference Facilities, Pizzaro’s Restaurant, Mont-Bleu Ford, George Petric Ford, American Graffiti Automotive, Allright Automotive … and the Louis Riel and Trillium Schools in Vanier.  These last two locations got our immediate attention, and so I asked a lot of questions to make sure I was not mistaken that EMF Balancers had been installed in two public elementary schools.  (Note: Jon and I have begun corresponding with the schools as a follow-up to this discovery.  This investigation will be covered in another article.)
I was not mistaken.  According to Steve, six Balancers have been installed in Louis Riel and five in Trillium.  Why so many, I asked.  Was it based on area or volume?  No.  Apparently, EMF Balancer coverage is beyond Steve’s ability to determine, and so he had to phone Peter for advice.  Peter admitted that it was a bit of an art, but he has being doing this for so long that he has a feel for it.  In fact, Peter says that he can tell if a building has EMF Balancers installed (and turned right-side up, presumably) by just walking in the door.
Peter then said that he has found that the effect of EMF Balancers goes up exponentially with the number of devices.  That makes some sense in that one Balance can protect a room, while a pair can manage a house.  However, by my reckoning, six Balancers would cover about 500-600 square miles.  I wondered if the six in Louis Riel were, in effect, protecting most of Ottawa.  Well, what I didn’t know is that EMF Balancers automatically know where property lines are and stop their effect at them.  In fact, after the presentation, Steve took me out onto Cumberland Street to show me how his dowsing rods began to rotate at the edge of the sidewalk at the road.  (In fact, the rods spun so much that I thought I could see his wrists move.)  I take it from that demonstration that the Shaklee Centre owns the city sidewalk right up to the road.
Things I Never Knew
It would be wrong to refer to Peter only as the inventor and producer of EMF Balancers.  He is, in fact, a polymath.  I tried to keep the above discussion on a single narrative line, but what I failed to include were the amazing statements of fact that Peter interspersed throughout his presentation.  Here is a list of but a few:

  • EMFs make your body acidic.
  • The clockwise polarity of EMFs prevents half of the minerals you consume from being absorbed.
  • Digital clocks negatively affect pituitary glands.
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and therefore negatively affect pituitary glands.  (Pituitary glands seem quite vulnerable.)
  • Kinesiology tests show differences in muscle strength when cell phones are on or off.
  • In the UK, 60 percent of teenagers in jails have autism.
  • All electrical wiring in New Zealand is underground (which makes me wonder about the epidemiological study of the effects of above-ground, high tension wires done in Aukland around 1997)
  • In all of Europe (or perhaps specifically in Austria or Switzerland or Germany), you are required to have a dowser certify your property for geopathic lines or you must divert them around your property with a copper wire.  (Strangely, none of my friends who have lived in Europe has told me about this.)

The Best for Last
Again, I feel that I slighted Peter in mentioning only his involvement in EMF Balancers above.  He has accomplished so much more according to the claims that he stated at the presentation and that I repeatedly asked him to verify and clarify.
The Cure for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Leukemia and Autism.  Peter said that he worked with a company in Europe on a product that cures IBS, leukemia and autism.  After the presentation, he mentioned the product, which I took to be SeKeBal.
The Cure for AIDS and the Dark Plot in Africa.  Peter said that he worked with another company that he says has discovered the cure for AIDS.  In fact, he said that he had been recently conducting a clinical trial in Togo with 120 AIDS patients, who were all cured but two.  Sadly, Peter reports that genetically modified potatoes with the AIDS gene have been introduced into Africa in order to eliminate the population so that the continent’s resources can be exploited by others.  Peter said that they were forced to end the trial and leave, presumably by these “others”.
Jon and I were taken aback by this cure-for-AIDS claim, partly because of the magnitude of the claim, partly because it came at the beginning of the presentation and partly because no one in the audience batted an eye when he announced it.  We kept asking questions about it, and the audience actually seemed upset that we were asking these cure-for-AIDS questions when the talk was supposed to be about balancing EMFs in their homes so they can get a better night’s sleep.
I asked what the cure for AIDS is, but he got sidetracked before he could tell me.  Jon asked why he didn’t just publish the cure on the Internet to let the world know, but he said that he didn’t want “to walk around with a target on his back.”  I then offered to publish it for him, but many in the audience scoffed at the suggestion, probably at my political naiveté.
Eventually, he alluded to the fact that the cure was based on a “protein isolate” that Health Canada had banned.  This statement literally provoked immediate boos and hisses.  Incredibly, the audience found villainy in Health Canada for preventing a cure for AIDS but none in Peter for refusing to publish the cure to the world.
After the lecture, Peter surprisingly revealed, without any arm twisting, that the cure for AIDS is the GSH supplement produced by Nutraxis.  I wonder if the company would be surprised by that news.
The Week Ontario Had No Greenhouse Gases.  During 1-7 July 2008, Environment Canada organized Canadian Environment Week, and to promote community involvement in the week, the Department hosted a Community Action Board that listed local events.  Peter, being an environmentally responsible citizen, duly posted his company’s intention to remove greenhouse gases over Ontario during that week.  According to the post, the goal of the test was only “to convert 50% of all greenhouse gases from the Manitoba/Ontario border into plant food”, but Peter said that he simply cleared it all out, even though he later declared that global warming is really caused by solar cycles and sunspot activity.  This caused Jon to ask what the purpose of the test was if greenhouse gases are not causing global warming, but he never got a satisfactory response.
Neutralizing Hurricanes.  Another company with which Peter has worked is called Weather on Demand, which has the technical capability to “kill hurricanes”.  I asked how that would be possible, which drew a harrumph from the audience that Peter was being distracted from his Balancer topic again, but he was nice enough to answer.  Apparently, they can drop a device into the eye of the hurricane that reverses the hurricane’s vorticity, cools it with liquid nitrogen and de-ionizes it with inversely charged particles.  Again, you have to marvel at the simplicity.  I’ll bet NOAA are collectively slapping their foreheads.  The company was getting ready to present its capability recently at a FEMA conference in Florida, but the speaker was informed the night before that he had been removed from the roster.  It all sounded very sinister.
You Be the Judge
It was all highly entertaining.  The one point that did concern us was the news that two public elementary schools had procured and installed EMF Balancers.  At about $150 a piece for these tubs of soil, each school may have spent $1,000 of public money for their systems, and in the process, potentially undermined the science education of their students by allegedly exposing them to pseudoscience endorsed by the school administration.  The investigation into this issue has just begun.

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