A Primer on Sylvia Browne

Jon receives his cue to critique Sylvia Browne

Andrew Krystal of Maritime Mornings on Halifax radio station News 95.7 is interviewing Sylvia Browne on Wednesday, and Jon has been asked to provide “the reality check“, although the radio show producer probably said “skeptical response”. We will post an update here if we get more details about the show.


Update: Jon unfortunately didn’t get a chance to confront the supposed psychic directly, but there’s good news! He will be the guest for at least a half hour on Thursday at 10am (EDT), and it’s a call-in show. You can tune in live from the News 95.7 website, linked to above.

Update 2: The interview is available for download mp3 file

” target=”_blank”>here.

Or, you can listen directly here:



Seasoned skeptics know all too well of Sylvia Browne’s continuously demonstrated inability to predict anything substantial or verifiable and are well aware of her callous penchant for preying on victims and the gullible.


Those who are unfamiliar with her brand of psychic shenanigans or still believe in her psychic powers should spend some time reviewing Robert Lancaster’s StopSylvia.com (formerly StopSylviaBrown.com until Browne’s followers snapped up the domain name when Robert fell seriously ill and couldn’t renew it).


This excellent website provides a detailed reference source of Browne’s inane media appearances, failed public predictions, checkered biography, disgruntled customer testimonials, and invented pseudo-Christian religion.


Since Browne is the one who is making the extraordinary claim of having psychic ability, it is up to her to prove that claim. It is not difficult to devise and conduct a randomized, controlled test that could assess her purported powers. Ottawa Skeptics joins the rest of the skeptic community in challenging Sylvia Browne to subject herself to a scientific test. Step forward or step aside, Sylvia.


We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our continued best wishes to Robert Lancaster, who has been convalescing over the last year. Get well soon, Robert.


Click the ‘Read More‘ link below to see the answers to some frequently asked questions and to see videos of Sylvia Browne in action.

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