Gary Goodyear Petition

Ottawa Skeptics is about promoting quality science.   Advocating the teaching of science in our schools, testing the unscientific claims of people and products, insisting on the use of good science in decision making.

Canada’s Minister of State for Science and Technology, Gary Goodyear, has stated that questions about evolution are irrelevant for him and are ultimately a matter of faith.  Evolutionary theory is the cornerstone of modern biology, it is science, not religion. It is an indispensable scientific theory that needs be defended from irrational pseudo-scientific attacks. We deserve a science minister that is capable and willing to do that.

We here at Ottawa Skeptics are concerned that Minister Goodyear thinks that a question about his position on evolution is irrelevant.  We, as Canadian voters, should have some assurances that the Science Minister will unequivocally support the proper use and teaching of science. 

Ottawa Skeptics have launched a petition to the Prime Minister of Canada asking that he re-examine the appointment of Mr. Goodyear. Please take a second to go and sign the petition. Thanks!

13. April 2009 by Jon
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