Does "Big Pharma" want to suppress homeopathy?

It always amuses me when the pro-homoeopathy folks say that “Big Pharma” is trying to suppress homoeopathy because they are afraid that homoeopathy will cause them to lose billions of dollars annually. The reason this amuses me is that it is patently ridiculous.

The Homoeopathy industry makes billions of dollars annually around the world. The homoeopathy industry has the advantage of not having to spend millions of dollars to actually prove that their “remedies” actually work, or that they are even safe to use. The Pharmaceutical industry must spend millions and millions of dollars annually to do rigorous testing to prove that their remedies actually work as described, and that they are safe for use by the general public.

Pharmaceutical companies employ thousands of really, really, really, smart people. If there was any effectiveness to homoeopathic “remedies”, you can bet that the pharmaceutical companies would be right there to get their piece of the multi-billion dollar pie. Consequently, it would be in their best interest to not only not suppress any data that showed that homoeopathy worked, but rather to show the proof as clearly and to as many news outlets as possible. Heck, they could do it better and cheaper than most other homoeopathic companies, due to their many decades of experience doing this exact thing with real drugs and remedies. Does any rational person really think that “Big Pharma” would purposely exclude themselves from such a massively profitable market if there was anything real to be marketed?

If anything, it is “Big Homeo” that would be afraid of the pharmaceutical companies intruding on their growing empire. The smaller homoeopathic companies would either be bought out, if they were one of the lucky ones, or simply shut down because they couldn’t compete with the pharmaceutical marketing machine. Therefore, it is in “Big Pharma’s” best interest to continue to sow the seeds of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) about the pharmaceutical industry, in order to keep the massive profits rolling in.

Looking at this from both sides, “Big Pharma” has nothing to lose and everything to gain by supporting homoeopathy if it was a valid form of treatment for anything. “Big Homeo”, on the other hand, has much to lose by homoeopathy being proven to be ineffective. And to be clear, homoeopathy has been proven to be ineffective, and no better than placebo for the treatment of anything. There is, of course, one exception to this. Homoeopathy has been proven to be effective for the treatment of dehydration.

Consequently, it seems more likely that “Big Homeo” would lie to you about how effective homoeopathyy is, than “Big Pharma” to lie about how ineffective it is. So the next time someone tries to convince you that “Big Pharma” is trying to suppress the truth about homoeopathy, you can point out the silliness of their statement.

16. July 2009 by TheSkepticCanuck
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