SkeptiCamp Ottawa 2010

On October 23rd the Ottawa Skeptics will be taking part in the first ever Ottawa SkeptiCamp. What is a SkeptiCamp? According to

SkeptiCamps are informal, community-organized conferences borne from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. Everyone from casual skeptics to the experienced participate, give talks and get to know each other. 

That’s right, anyone can give a talk! It’s a totally grassroots event. We’ve already got a few speakers lined up but we need more. Head on over to the Ottawa SkeptiCamp wiki page, it will be updated on a regular basis with all the latest details. If you’d like to give a talk, feel free to send us an email and we’ll tell you how.

You can of course just attend to learn and have a good time too! 

Another cool thing about this SkeptiCamp is that there will be three other similar events occuring the exact same day in other Canadian cities. If you don’t live in Ottawa, consider participating in one of the following planned SkeptiCamps: VancouverWinnipeg, and Toronto

20. September 2010 by Jon
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