SkeptiCamp Ottawa 2010 follow-up

SkeptiCamp Ottawa 2010 was a huge success with a lucky 13 presentations!

My topic was “The Fine-Tuned Universe”. An interesting topic because the seeming fine-tuning of the fundamental physical constants are often claimed as evidence for intelligent design. But there a natural explanation which could account for this apparent fine-tuning. Here’s the video in case you missed SkeptiCamp 2010. Hope to see everyone at SkeptiCamp Ottawa 2011!

The Fine-Tuned Universe from Dana Peters on Vimeo.

27. October 2010 by dana
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  1. Hey, great presentation. I really appreciate your willingness to express doubt and admit that we just don’t know. I’ve heard too many scientists/atheists lately holding up the anthropic principal as if it is the answer. But the truth is, just like you say, we need new physics before we can say one way or another,