The Reality Check #127: Crystal Deodorant + Mermaids + Buttons

The Reality Check is a weekly podcast produced by Ottawa Skeptics.

Adam's a mermaid

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Jon skeptically analyzes, and tests, a crystal under-arm deodorant. Adam talks about mermaids. Elan investigates “placebo buttons”..


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Crystal Deodorants

Crystal deodorant dermatitis: irritant dermatitis to alum-containing deodorant

Globe and Mail

The Beauty Brains

Super sexy video of a beautiful Mermaid singing with her mesmerizing voice
Review of The Little Mermaid DVD by Adam
“The Little Mermaid Disease” video

Evidence Supporting the Existence of Mermaids – Real Mermaids
Mermaid @ Wikipedia, the Reality Check source of choice
Real Mermaid Found – Video
Mermaids are real! Blog
Animal Love episode of Manswers with dugong sex

Placebo Buttons
You Are Not So Smart
Straight Dope

16. February 2011 by Jon
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  1. Isn’t aluminium and crystal? As metals are

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