The Reality Check #129: Stages of Grief + What Does Human Flesh Taste Like? + Fruit Juice vs Soda

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Elan confronts the 5 stages of grief. Adam wonders what human flesh might taste like and examines claims that others have figured it out. Xander compares the health consequences of fruit juice vs soft drinks.


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Stages of Grief

Wikipedia – Kubler Ross Model

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Article in Time Magazine
The Taste of Human Flesh
Hufu FAQ – Archived 2006-05-29
Robot Identifies Human Flesh As Bacon
Japanese unveil robot wine steward – South Coast Today – Archived ( Photo )
What do humans taste like? – Yahoo! Answers
What does human meat taste like? – The Lay Scientist Martin Robbins
Cannibalism @ Wikipedia
Fruit Juice :: Sugar and Fruit Juice Nutrition Information Facts
Sugar Shocker

09. March 2011 by Jon
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  1. About health consequences of fruit juice vs soft drinks…
    I think you over focused to sugar.
    I don’t think sugar content is reasonable measurement of how healthy some food is.
    Of course too much is too much, but that applies to everything, even to water.

    It is widely known that fruits are very healthy food.

    Therefore I think it is reasonable assumption that also fruit juices are healthy. You can’t say same from candy or soft drinks.
    So, I think you didn’t give right picture this time.
    But maybe I missed some point…

    Otherwise, good job!

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