The Reality Check #140 Criminal Profiling + Happiness Book Reviews + Plane Crash Survival Rates

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Criminal profiling definitely works in TV shows like Criminal Minds and The Mentalist, but does it work in real life? Adam profiles criminal profiling to get at the truth. Darren reads a lot… about happiness. Darren reviews a few recent books about happiness. Jon’s never been in a plane crash, but if he had been, would he still be alive? Jon discusses the true stats around plane crashes.


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Criminal Profiling

Criminal Profiling – Wikipedia
Criminal Profiling: Cold Reading for Cold Cases – Skeptic’s Dictionary
The Criminal Profiling Illusion
Woo in Review: The Mentalist and Criminal Minds – JREF

Plane Crash Survival Rates

Ben Sherwood
Plane Crash Statistics



16. May 2011 by Pat
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  1. Guys, thanks for the Podcast it is great…good company whilst walking the dog!

    John from the UK

  2. When the Criminal Minds team give their profile, it always sounds (to me) as if they are taking turns reading sentences out of a Psych 101 textbook.

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