The Reality Check #169: Comparing Animal Calories + Tourette Syndrome + Warm Water Prank

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Darren describes which animal provides the most calories per life. Adam looks into what Tourette Syndrome is, and what it is not. Elan wonders whether you can make someone pee the bed by putting their hand in warm water.


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Tourette Syndrome

05. December 2011 by Elan
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  1. “People aren’t predisposed to pee in their sleep.” :

    Bear Gillis doesn’t find it gross.Just saying.

  2. aDam, you mentioned that it would be great if we could milk meat out of a cow. ever hear of bleeding an animal to drink some of their blood and leave them alive?

    I’m a vegetarian myself and am very interested to hear an episode on the environmental issues surrounding it.

  3. Yes I have heard of this practice. In 9th grade we read a book about… something in Africa. They talked about a practice of doing this in Africa, and as I recall they did it in such a way that it would not kill or injure them. Sounded a bit gross. Very Princess Monoke. But yeah if I recall they used the cows for milk and blood, and assuming they never actually killed them, I imagine this would be a pretty good way to get some protein without any sacrifice.

    Somehow I can’t even remember what this book was called…

  4. After racking my brain and google searching, I have determined that the book was “Le lion” by Joseph Kessel.

  5. Or get cows to grow benign but huge and tasty cancers.

  6. The cure for cancer is… eating it! I don’t know if you can have a benign cancer, as they are malignant. I think those are just benign tumours, and I think by that definition they wouldn’t have uncontrolled growth.

  7. Mmmmm, lipoma…..

  8. (Im not a doctor, but…)

    The main defining feature of a malignant tumour is that it can metastasize (spread to unrelated areas).
    And although benign tumours dont have uncontrolled growth, they do have abnormal growth. I think the idea is that a benign tumour can grow, but it does so in a relatively controlled and predictable way.

    And I was surprised you left out one of the more interesting treatment for severe Tourettes: Deep brain electrical stimulation. Its mostly experimental, and involves electrical probes being surgically inserted into a particular area of the brain and connected to an external battery, to create electrical impulses through the brain that suppress the tic.

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