The Reality Check #177: Vampires + Vacuum Survival + Rib Removal Myths

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Adam looks into whether there exist real vampires among us. Darren finds out what would actually happen to you if you were ejected into space. Elan debunks a few celebrity related myths dealing with rib removal surgery.


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06. February 2012 by Elan
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  1. Was it really necessary to use up more than half your show (28 minutes out of a 51-minute show) on a topic that neither you nor your audience in general believes is real? At times it sounded like your otherwise thoughtful crew spent most of the time giggling like schoolgirls at a slumber party over Keanu, Cage and Travolta — stuff that could legitimately occupy less than a minute. I recognize that there is a certain nerd/zombie/vampire contingent among the listeners but the name of the show is not Skeptic Nerds or Skeptic/Vampire Diaries. I count on you guys to dissect topics with knowledge, research and insight…and the great thing about the show is that with several intelligent people weighing in (albeit talking over each other like the aformentioned schoolgirls), it gives us an opportunity to have one person’s views challenged by others, in a sense, standing in for us, your listeners.

    Do you guys really want to turn the show into The Buffoon Hour or can you perhaps try to bring some critical judgment to the proportion of time you spend on certain topics.

  2. Since Cecil from the Straight Dope admitted to previously believing the idea that vampirism may have been based off of that specific disease, there’s some of our audience that could potentially believe some of what was covered.

    While our audience surely wouldn’t be into the idea that Keanu is immortal, some people do, and while this particular issue was mostly done for a laugh, it’s not common of our show, and part of what we’re trying to do is not to inform our listeners or something they already know, but maybe let them know about beliefs that are out there in the event that they will encounter them.

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