The Reality Check #178: Climate Change Redux + Groundhog Day + Cold Batteries

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Darren debunks a recent article in the Wall street Journal about climate change. Adams talks about Groundhog day, the movie and the day. Jon looks into whether putting batteries and other non-food items in the fridge is worth doing.


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06. February 2012 by Elan
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  1. Appreciated this … thank you.

    Have shared with others (for example:!/A_Siegel/status/166890426991775744)

  2. Okay … listening through … I don’t think your comments that this is a problem decades from now is anywhere near to an accurate discussion. There are quite serious impications already occurring, today, throughout the globe. The serious implications, already occurring, meet any rational definition of “catastrophic impacts” if defined decades ago — species going extinct, refugees, $billions in economic impacts, etc …

    See, for example,

    And, re your groundhog discussion, I really thought it was going to be about this:

  3. Yes! The smell in ‘gas’ is artificial – it is Hydrogen Sulfite and gives gas that rotten egg smell. It is a marker that allows us to detect the smell and to make it distinctly awful and identifiable. Hydrogen Sulfite is toxic in itself.

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