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21. August 2012 by Chris
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  1. I have been really enjoying your show. I do have a comment to make on TRC#209 “Laser Sniper Rifles”.
    You got it nearly 100% correct, it’s a “game mechanic” or “Hollywood drama” effect.

    The entire point to have a laser designator on a firearm is for use in “unconventional” positions or low light where use of the sight or scope is not possible and said use is nearly always short range.

    However there is one item you got wrong and that is regarding the visibility of the laser beam. The more traditional red lasers really only show up in, as you said, misty/smoke filled environments, however the newer (more powerful) green lasers do have beams that are visible in low light.

    As a certified firearms instructor I would be more than happy to help review any future firearms “reality checks” if you wanted to run them by me for additional thoughts.

  2. Hi there.

    Was just listening to episode 209 with the discussion on influencing child gender. At about 19 minutes in, one of you mentioned China and the well known gender preference there. ( sorry I can’t tell from the voiced who is who 🙁 ) One of you brought up ethical issues. lol. I have lived in China since ’99 and have a detail to add about that. In mainland China, it is actually illegal for doctors to use ultrasound to tell parents the sex of their child. The reasons should be obvious and it goes without saying that people with enough money and connection get around the legalities but, nevertheless, the offficial govt. policy is that doctors, nurses, etc. are prohibited by Chinese law from informing the parents of the sex of their child.

    I came to China to study Chinese martial arts and heard Evan on the Hiyaa! podcast which I also listen to regularly. Great show and a very enjoyable “crossover” edition.

  3. Just listened to the latest episode about the Atacama Humanoid and I think you missed something. Dr. Novela of the SGU wrote about it on Neurologica Blog. He points out that besides being human, the analysis could have misrepresented the living age of the specimen because of a process during mummification where bone density is increased. Taking that into account the specimen was probably a fetus of around 20 weeks. Also, there was a hole in the back of the skull indicating trauma. This most likely was the result of an illegal abortion (abortion is strictly illegal in Chile) where a hook is inverted into the cranium to pull the fetus out. This would also explain the elongation of the skull, as at that age skull bones are pliable.

  4. I would love if you send me the lyrics of the introduction song of episodo #274. I want to upload the song to youtube with lyrics. Thanks

  5. Wow! Are you guys stupid or just trying to lie to your listeners. A similar statement was made by you guys in your 3 felonies a day segment about the author and then you proceeded to make fun of the horrid criminal justice system where the US with less than 5% of the population has over 25% of the prisoners. You say felonies are serious crimes. Really? Bullshit! Possession of a smoking device is serious? Linking to a chat forum as Barrett Brown did? Littering in Chicago for a third time? Conspiring to commit any crime, even misdemeanors? Money Laundering? Lying to federal agents, even if not under oath?
    That story was CRAP. And this is a serious problem. You may want to take another swing at this one.

  6. Hi oscar. Just saw your post today. The mp3 is available here:

  7. and here are the lyrics:
    I’ve never seen a monster in the flesh
    I don’t believe in those kinds of things, in the movies
    I’m proud that I’m incredulous
    Even if alone, no ignorance envy

    But everyone’s like
    Ghosts and
    Bigfoot in the mountains
    Alien abductions

    We don’t care, we debunk these kinds of claims

    But everybody’s like
    Only eat organic
    Alt med
    GMO food panic

    We don’t care, we aren’t caught up in these lame affairs

    Because we are skeptics (skeptics)
    Questioning’s in our blood
    That kind of bunk it ain’t for us, we crave the proof and evidence

    So listen to our podcast (podcast)
    You can download for free
    And baby you’ll learn, you’ll learn, you’ll learn, you’ll learn
    How to think critically

  8. Re: candy – trick or treating

    I live in NYC some neighborhoods get more traffic than others. But in general kids go to business strip or malls to trick or treat.