Eschaton 2012

Coming up this fall: Eschaton 2012, the conference that celebrates reason at the end of the world. 

One popular reading of the Mayan calendar promises that the world will be ending this year, around about December 21st. To mark the occasion, right here in Canada’s capital, the Centre for Inquiry–Ottawa will be hosting a conference celebrating reason, skepticism and freethought (with cooperation and assistance from members of the Ottawa Skeptics).


The Eschaton 2012 conference will open on Friday night with a look at the historical relationship between humans and our apocalypses (including a skeptical look at that Mayan calendar).

Saturday morning and afternoon, we have parallel tracks: 1) Talks and panels on skepticism/science/science communication (including a live recording of the Ottawa Skeptics’ podcast, The Reality Check) and 2) “The Immaculate Convention” – talks and panels on religion from an academic and sociological perspective.

On Saturday evening there will be a reception at the outstanding Canadian Museum of Nature (around the corner from the hotel), followed by a talk from PZ Myers and access to some of the galleries and exhibits.

On Sunday the parallel tracks include panels and workshops on ethics, gender identity, parenting, and other exciting topics to be announced.

Speakers already booked include: P.Z. Myers, Ophelia Benson, Chris DiCarlo, Ian Cromwell, Natalie Reed, Udo Schuklenk, Eugenie Scott, Jim Linville, Sara Mayhew, and Larry Moran.

You don’t want to miss it: half the price of, certain, shall we say, Las Vegas-based skeptical conferences, and twice as friendly! Come enjoy Canadian hospitality, the beauty of Ottawa in late fall and winter, meet interesting people, and ride out the end of the world in style.

See you there!

31. August 2012 by Chris
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