Skeptics in the Pub: Evolution and Polyamory

This Sunday October 14th at the Canal Royal Oak, 4 pm,  join the Ottawa Skeptics and Eschaton 2012 speaker Ania Bula for another in our Skeptics in the Pub science talk series.


 Evolution and Polyamory

Why is monogamy so hard?

The classic model of prehistoric human societies involves one which centers on a monogamous ideal. If any promiscuity exists it is on the part of the male who is motivated to “spread his seed” while enforcing strict monogamy from his mates to ensure that it is his genes which are passed on. It styles itself on the patriarchal chimp society where there exists one breeding alpha male and a harem of monogamous females.

Evidence suggests that a more promiscuous and polyamorous model may hold more truth. Join Ania Bula as she presents evidence from psychology, neurology, biology, and sociology to defend a newer social model for prehistoric society: one which lends itself to a greater understanding of the modern day and historical trends in sexual behaviour, divorce, and infidelity.


Ania Bula is an eclectic student of biomedical sciences, psychology, and English literature. She has a long term goal of pursuing medical school and a career in sexology with a double specialization in gynecology and psychiatry. She plans to take over the world and institute a universal policy of sex positivity, gender equality, and evidence based everything. She blogs at and and tweets as @dearania. Ania will be a speaker at Eschaton2012, the first annual CFI Canada eastern region conference.


11. October 2012 by Chris
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