A Night at the Museum – with P.Z. Myers

P.Z. Myers, biology professor and author of Pharyngula, critic of superstition, pseudoscience, and creationism, will be speaking about “Chance in Evolution” this Saturday December 1st at The Canadian Museum of Nature.

Tickets cost $50 ($40 for CFI members) for the talk, reception, and access to the Fossil Gallery and Earth Gallery.



6:00 pm – Reception

7:30 pm – Talk: Chance in Evolution by Dr. P.Z. Myers

9:00 pm–1:00 am – Gala  (food included; cash bar available) with exclusive access to the Fossil Gallery and Earth Gallery and the chance to mix and mingle with PZ Myers and other Eschaton2012 speakers.


P.Z. Myers works with zebrafish in the field of evolutionary developmental biology. In 2006 Pharyngula was listed by Nature as the top ranked blog written by a scientist. He is the recipient of the 2009 Humanist of the Year award and the International Humanist Award in 2011.

This event is part of Eschaton 2012, the Ottawa conference celebrating reason at the end of the world. For more information visit www.eschaton2012.ca.








25. November 2012 by Chris
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