Anti-vax advocate Jenny McCarthy dropped from Ottawa cancer charity fundraiser

Good news from the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation: responding to criticism from media, social media and groups including the Ottawa Skeptics, CFI, CASS and Bad Science Watch, they have dropped Jenny McCarthy from their upcoming Bust a Move charity fundraiser.

This is the right thing to do and I’d encourage everyone to support them; while this week has been a difficult one for the organisers, they should be able to put this behind them and with help go on to make Bust a Move Ottawa 2013 a successful event.

If you would like to donate, they suggest doing so here. You can leave a message saying why you are donating. Mention #dropjenny and thank them for doing the right thing. I’d promised to donate $100 and have done so, with pleasure.

Thanks to everyone who participated in #dropjenny. Ottawans should be proud that so many people here stood up for science, reason, and evidence-based public health interventions, and that few to none defended the choice of an anti-vaccination advocate for a health event. The response has been positive and tremendous. Well done.

02. February 2013 by Chris
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  1. Apparently, Jenny is claiming she cancelled because she had to do filming for a new show, but she will come up a few months later. Time for #StayHomeJenny?

  2. How about #QuitLyingJenny?

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