Applied Rationality

How well does your internal map represent the external territory? Can we overcome the pervasive errors and biases that cause us to misjudge reality?

We are starting a series of moderated discussions on topics related to applied rationality. Each session will be prefaced with a short introduction to the topic, followed by discussion.

These moderated events will be presented by Miranda Dixon-Luinenburg, member of the Less Wrong community and two-time alumni of the Center for Applied Rationality workshops in San Francisco.


Rational Debating 

In regular debating, the goal is to sound more plausible than the other person and “win the debate.” In rational debating the goal is to end up believing true things. How can this work in practice?

(This event has concluded)

Possible upcoming topics

Bayesian reasoning

Confidence calibration

Effective altruism

Scope insensitivity

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31. August 2013 by Chris
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  1. So when you start?

  2. The next event will be September 26th.