Skepticamp Ottawa 2015


Skepticamp is a user-driven mini-conference on science, skepticism and critical thinking. Our 2015 event features a live Reality Check podcast and kids’ program.

This November 15th, join CFI and the Ottawa Skeptics for our fifth open conference event, Skepticamp Ottawa 2015.

Skepticamps, modeled on the BarCamp approach of non-curated, user-driven content and participation, are entertaining, educational and informative events in a relaxed environment. The overall theme is science, skepticism and critical thinking. This year we are at the Hintonburg Community Centre, Basement #2. Come along to listen to some great talks, ask questions, and meet interesting people!

Everyone’s welcome!

There will be a separate kids program.

The Reality Check will be doing a live Podcast. (

If you can’t make the full day, feel free to just drop in for the talks you want to see. We look forward to seeing you there! To give us an idea of attendance please RSVP.


09:30AM –10:00AM – SETUP
10:00AM –10:30AM – Doors Open
10:30AM –10:35AM – Marlowe: Welcome to Skepticamp
10:35AM – 10:55AM – Dana Peters: Swords to Plowshares: Fusion Power
10:55AM – 11:00AM – Andrea Palmieri: Stand up for Science:March Against Myths About Modification
11:00AM – 11:20AM – R.J. Pate: Racism Within North America: The Logistics
11:20AM – 11:35AM – BREAK
11:35AM – 11:55AM – Alan DeKok: The scientific method, practices and principles.
11:55AM –  12:15PM – TBD
12:15PM –  12:20PM – Seanna Watson: Does the chickenpox vaccine cause shingles?
12:20PM – 01:20PM – LUNCH
01:20PM – 02:20PM – Darren McKee, Adam Gardner: Live Taping of The Reality Check Podcast
02:20PM –02:40PM – Nic Watson: Science, Skepticism, and Minecraft
02:40PM –02:45PM – Anthony Glaser: Debunking Myths about Greyhound Dogs
02:45PM –03:00PM – BREAK
03:00PM –03:20PM – Melodie Tilson: Science on E-Cigarettes
03:20PM –03:40PM – Yara Kadulina: Psychological research on Stereotype Threat
03:40PM –03:45PM – Seanna Watson: Always keep an open mind (but not so open that your brain falls out)
03:45PM –03:50PM – Kevin Brown: Whose Qur’an Is This, Anyway?
03:50PM –04:10PM – Julian Janes: 2015 Top 10 lies, conspiracies, and general BS
04:10PM – 4:15PM – Marlowe Filippov: Conclusion
04:15PM – 05:00PM – MIX, MINGLE, & MERCH

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