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The Ottawa Skeptics aim to promote the use of the scientific method, critical thinking and rational thought in our community. Ottawa Skeptics supports high standards of scientific integrity, academic freedom and the free exchange of ideas. We have one bias: Science is the best method for determining objective truth.

Please contact us if you have any questions or information about local strange occurrences or claims. We enjoy researching and answering people’s questions about the paranormal, conspiracy theories, alternative medicine, and other issues that are ‘on the fringe’ of science.

We also hold regular events including  a monthly Skeptics in the Pub meeting, comprising a talk on a skeptical or scientific topic, an occasional pub quiz, or social get-together. If you live in the Ottawa region and would like to join us, please feel free to come along. Upcoming meetings are announced on Facebook and at meetup.com. Even if you don’t live in Ottawa, you’re more than welcome to register and participate here  or at our Facebook group.

Although events are typically held in a pub, our activities are family friendly. Children and infants are welcome!

Past topics have included:
-Dr. Leslie Sage of Nature on why astronomy matters
-Alternative Fuels: How to Drive to the Grocery Store Without Killing Everyone On The Planet
-The science of names
-Intravenous Treatment for Multiple Ailments: Panacea or Fleecing of the Gullible
-Dr Yoni Freedhoff: weight loss myths
-Debunking common climate change denial myths
-Justin Trottier: “The New Age Movement & Science: A Love-Hate Relationship”
-The likelihood of alien life evolving on other planets
-Why evolution is true
-Homeopathy: the dilution delusion

In addition to the monthly talks, we hold regular Drinking Skeptically social events, a Science-Based Pub Quiz every three months or more, an annual Darwin Day celebration and a Skepticamp. In 2011, we staged a mass homeopathic overdose on Parliament Hill. There were no fatalities.

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  1. Have met some of your members and share your goals.
    Am interested in meeting more of you.

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