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Our First Year

Well, the month-long festivities are finally winding down.  Given the parades and national press coverage, it’s hard to imagine anyone who doesn’t know that 4 November marked our first anniversary.  I’m sure everybody has a story of how they celebrated … Continue reading

29. November 2008 by barry
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Why Are We Here?

Modern Science is a crowning achievement of human civilization. It has provided the us, for the first time, an objective method for determining the nature of our reality. Before science, people used various other means to understand the world. Before … Continue reading

11. September 2008 by Jon
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The Ottawa Skeptics aim to promote the use of the scientific method, critical thinking and rational thought in our community. Ottawa Skeptics supports high standards of scientific integrity, academic freedom and the free exchange of ideas. We have one bias: … Continue reading

22. December 2007 by Pat
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