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Is there a viable alternative to scientific medicine?

Canadian Government Funded Anti-Vaccine Film

The National Film Board of Canada has funded an anti-vax documentary. The English version is called “Shots in the Dark” and the French version is called “Silence, on vaccine“. The Government of Canada web site links to this film, including a … Continue reading

15. December 2009 by dana
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Canadian Blood Services Promotes Pseudoscience

Is this person donating blood or conducting a personality test? At Canadian Blood Services, the answer may not be all that clear. Imagine visiting NASA’s website and finding a webpage devoted to astrology. I expect that critical viewers would find … Continue reading

01. December 2009 by barry
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October Presentation Now Online – Autism and Pseudoscience by Tim Golding

Tim Golding, step-father to a child with Asperger’s Syndrome, gives a presentation to the Ottawa Skeptics about autism, vaccines, and bogus autism treatments. It is now available online, pass it around!

28. October 2009 by Jon
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Does "Big Pharma" want to suppress homeopathy?

It always amuses me when the pro-homoeopathy folks say that “Big Pharma” is trying to suppress homoeopathy because they are afraid that homoeopathy will cause them to lose billions of dollars annually. The reason this amuses me is that it … Continue reading

16. July 2009 by TheSkepticCanuck
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Colbert Tweaks Zicam's Nose

Last week, the FDA, followed by Health Canada, issued consumer alerts on Zicam’s Cold Remedy nasal gel and swabs because at least 130 users reported suffering loss of the sense of smell, a medical condition called anosmia, after using the … Continue reading

25. June 2009 by barry
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Dr. Joe Takes Aim at Vitamins

The British Heart Protection study was a large, randomized controlled run which indicated that vitamins made little difference in modifying cardiovascular risk.    Research carried out by Copenhagen University concluded that antioxidants actually appeared to increase mortality. The Women’s Health … Continue reading

31. March 2009 by Pat
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Is Bill C-6 the New Bill C-51?

Panic!! Big Pharma is coming! Big Pharma is coming! Or so I was led to believe from my Google Alerts this week: “BILL C6 – The Canadian Governments Plan To Outlaw YOUR GOOD HEALTH” “Bill C-51 Not In Your Reality? … Continue reading

08. February 2009 by barry
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Does Cold-FX "Stop Colds"?

If you haven’t seen the Cold-FX commercial (6.5 MB video),[1] then you probably haven’t been watching TV recently, or at least not the Canadian channels. In the ad, a dishevelled male office worker standing by a photocopier sneezes a burst … Continue reading

17. January 2009 by barry
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Local 'Healer' Gets Arrested… Finally

At Ottawa Skeptics, we’re always on the look-out for local people or groups who make extraordinary claims. We love to examine these claims and publicize our findings. We also encourage people to be skeptical of these claims. So when a … Continue reading

14. January 2009 by Jon
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Bill C-51 Credible Resource Library

This page contains links to credible resources about Bill C-51 and about the regulation of natural health products (NHPs) in Canada. It will be kept up-to-date until Bill C-51 is passed. It features links to: Ottawa Skeptics Articles about Bill … Continue reading

10. December 2008 by barry
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