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Are we just sheep that are oblivious to secret evil overlords?

2012 – Planet X, Nibiru and DarkStar

With director Roland Emmerich’s film 2012 slated for release next month, it seems timely to write my promised article on the history of Planet X. I promised to do so in my last article which told the story of a … Continue reading

01. October 2009 by Pat
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Reclaiming History by Vincent Bugliosi

Vincent Bugliosi is an acclaimed lawyer and author, best known for his prosecutorial work on the Charles Manson case and for the fascinating book that followed called Helter Skelter. He’s written numerous other books, including The Prosecution of George W. … Continue reading

20. May 2009 by barry
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A Norwegian Politician and Occam's Razor

  The following is an excerpt from a chain letter that recently came to my attention: I am a Norwegian politician. I would like to say that difficult things will happen from the year 2008 till the year 2012.  The … Continue reading

07. January 2009 by Pat
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Conspiracy Theories on TVO's The Agenda

I was intrigued to see Barrie Zwicker being interviewed on TVO’s The Agenda on Wednesday night (13 February 2008). Author of Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-up of 9/11, he is a talking head in the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement. … Continue reading

16. February 2008 by barry
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Top 5 9/11 Conspiracy Myths Debunked (Video)

24. January 2008 by Jon
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