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Are we alone?

The Inconvenient Truth About Extraterrestrial Intelligence

This past Sunday Ottawa Skeptics’ very own Dana Peters gave a fascinating talk at a local pub about extraterrestrial intelligence. It turns out there’s a lot of reasons why it will be very unlikely or difficult to come into contact … Continue reading

10. June 2010 by Jon
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It Came Out of the Sky (and into the Ottawa River)

One of my favourite rock bands of the 60s/70s is Creedance Clearwater Revival, and one of my favourite songs of theirs is ‘It Came Out of the Sky‘. In that song, they sing about a fictional case where a mysterious … Continue reading

29. July 2009 by Jon
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Are Canadian UFOs actually military drones?

Are those lights in the sky actually Canadian military drones?  We get mail, and this question came to us from J. in Gatineau.  We’re not exactly sure about the specifics of “those lights,” but it seems like a reasonable question.  … Continue reading

18. June 2008 by barry
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Michael Shermer Explains How to Fake a UFO Photo (Video)

24. January 2008 by Jon
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