Doing Something about Climate Change

The World’s nations have agreed that global greenhouse gas emissions must reduced by 80% within 35 years and eliminated completely before the end of the century. The challenge is great and the time is very short. Can these ambitious goals be achieved without unacceptable human and financial costs? David Stephenson will present his personal view of how the province of Ontario could harness the few available technologies capable of replacing our civilization’s dependence on carboniferous fossil fuels.

David Stephenson is a space physicist who came to Canada from the U.K. in 1970 and studied the aurora and winds in the high atmosphere at the University of Saskatchewan. In 1979 he moved to Germany to build systems for the deep space probe ‘Ulysses’ that went around Jupiter and over the poles of the SUN deep space probe. When his part of the the project was cancelled he became the Schmitt Fellow at the University of Newcastle in Australia. He then spent a year with a consultant to Lloyd’s space insurance in London before returning to Canada to join the Geological Survey of Canada in 1985. When the government sent his file to the ‘downsized drawer’ in 1996 he moved to the village of Merrickville near Ottawa. He worked occasionally for a start up hi-tech company in Ottawa until 2009.

Stephenson’s publications include twenty reviewed papers, commentaries for the Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, including “Global Warming Demands Interplanetary Engineering” in 1992, as well as various articles and reports and the ‘Ulysses Speaks’ satirical column in “Canadian Research.” He has given presentations at the International Astronautical Congress and has been a guest panelist and lecturer at science fiction conventions for over 30 years.

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