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Skepticamp Ottawa 2013

This February 24th, join the Ottawa Skeptics for our third open conference event, Skepticamp Ottawa 2013. Skepticamps, modeled on the BarCamp approach of non-curated, user-driven content and participation, are entertaining, educational and informative events in a relaxed environment. The overall … Continue reading

21. February 2013 by Chris
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Anti-Vaccination Advocate to Headline Ottawa Cancer Event: CFI Canada, CASS and Ottawa Skeptics Issue Response

The upcoming fundraising event “Bust a Move”, held regionally in Ottawa is planning to host Anti-Vaccination Advocate Jenny McCarthy as headliner. McCarthy’s writings have contributed substantially to the belief that vaccines cause autism and cancer. Together with CFI Ottawa, CFI … Continue reading

31. January 2013 by Chris
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Anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy to front Ottawa cancer charity fundraiser

It’s disappointing to see that the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation has selected Jenny McCarthy to headline their fundraising Bust a Move event this year. Jenny McCarthy is a deeply controversial figure with anti-scientific and anti-health views on vaccination and autism, … Continue reading

30. January 2013 by Chris
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